Bovegas casino


Playing Questions

Q: Can I play for fun only?

Yes, you can enjoy all the fun of the casino without ever risking a cent. If you don't already have one, sign up for a new account, and select the play money option from your account summary. Once selected you will be playing for fun money! Playing for fun money is only a click away!

Q: What happens if a game is disrupted before it is finished, for example if my Internet connection is broken?

A: All our games will wait for your return. When you reconnect, you will see that the game you were playing will now continue at the exact point that you were disconnected. Games are kept on file for 1 week. After this point the original bet will be forfeited.

Q: Why do I sometimes experience a slow/interrupted connection?

A. Connection speeds often rely on outside factors including your location, Internet traffic, background downloading and more. Try to limit background downloading so that your play will be as smooth as possible.

Q: When I go to a game page, the game doesn't appear.

A: You're browser is not supported, or you have disabled JavaScript.
A Java error may have stopped the game while initializing.


Q: What if I try logging in and it does not connect?

Reconnect to the Internet and try again. If you still encounter trouble please contact a customer support representative.